Leading global provider of prediction market research, Consensus Point, has launched Huunu Prediction Markets, the first fully automated prediction markets tool on ZappiStore’s online research platform.

Leveraging a validated prediction algorithm, Huunu Prediction Markets capture the collective judgment or “wisdom” of a target audience to predict future trends and market preferences. Live now in the United Kingdom & United States, the tool will be launching in 12 other countries by the end of 2017.

Huunu Prediction Markets provides anticipatory learning across a wide variety of applications including: early stage idea and concept testing, new product development, brand communications and marketing, and market trends and discovery.

Ryan Barry, CRO at ZappiStore commented: “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Consensus Point. With Huunu we welcome to the platform a truly predictive method which has been validated extensively and marries both System 1 & 2 thinking in the process. This is one of our most diagnostic tools yet, answering the bell that automated research tools can truly be faster, cheaper and better.”

”Brad Marsh, CEO at Consensus Point shares, “When Ryan and I first connected, we immediately recognized prediction markets could be an ideal fit for ZappiStore. The Zappi partnership further accelerates our mission to make behavior based predictive insights available and affordable to any size business, and Zappi’s automation technology delivers results in a matter of hours at a budget that gives the collective voice of consumers a “seat at the table” earlier and more often.”

About Consensus Point:
Consensus Point is a leading global provider of prediction market research, analytics, and software to research firms and Fortune 1000 brands. By leveraging a validated prediction algorithm, combined with a gamified user interface, the company’s proprietary platform, Huunu™, takes advantage of the collective judgment or “wisdom” of a target audience to predict future trends, events, and market preferences. Established in 2006, Consensus Point is the only prediction market research firm to support full-service, assisted DIY, and API partners and brands. To learn more, please contact us at info@consensuspoint.com.

About ZappiStore:
ZappiStore delivers Insight through automation. By automating manual processes behind market research, we enable clients and agencies to capitalize on the cost and time efficiencies technology unlocks. We aim for these efficiencies to empower consumer insight by bringing it in the business decision process early and often.