Whether you are working with us in a full-service capacity, assisted DIY, or leveraging our API, Consensus Point helps its clients use prediction markets to elicit knowledge from a self-selected group of participants to predict future outcomes in a more successful and effective manner for brands and agencies. Our unique market algorithm and refined techniques using enhanced gamification, mobile optimization and internationalization provides a more engaging experience and, in turn, provides in-depth quantitative and qualitative insight.

After we help you create specific questions based on your needs, a tailored participant pool is selected to answer the questions and provide explanations based on their knowledge and judgments. Incentives, like badges and tokens, are provided to enhance user participation and produce a more accurate result. Unlike surveys which just focus on a count, prediction markets pay attention to the confidence of participants and provide the client with a more insightful and effective output.

We don’t just look at who agreed and raised their hands; we look at how high and fast they raised their hands.

Our prediction research participants:

  • Self-select, answering only those questions where they have knowledge to make a judgment
  • Respond not with opinion, but judgment on how the target audience will behave
  • See the collective judgment in real time
  • Invest tokens indicating their confidence
  • Justify investments with qualitative rationale
  • Have “skin in the game” with top 20 percent of panelists earning additional incentive based on predictions

Concurrently, our proprietary algorithm calculates and displays the “stock price” as a prediction score in real time.

Consensus Point’s Huunu prediction market research platform is not only easy for participants to use, but it also has an engaging interface that’s been designed for use on mobile, tablet and desktop across languages.

Learn more about the industry challenges our prediction market research solution helps to solve.