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Market Research

A more engaging, efficient and effective way to ask questions and gain insights.


Tap the predictive powers of your community to forecast future outcomes.

Game On!

Our game changing technology is designed to capture the attention of communities by harnessing the science of predictive markets and gamification to gather insights to predict market preferences and future outcomes.

Huunu, our leading edge prediction market platform, provides a unique research approach to deliver: Speed to market… Lower Costs… More Accuracy… Better Decisions
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Sure, traditional concept testing is where prediction markets got their start in the insights industry, but Consensus Point has helped clients evolve predictive crowd judgment well beyond concept testing!

Our partners are leveraging our unique combination of science, technology, and crowd wisdom to efficiently predict winning creative and activation strategies in nearly every industry.

With thousands of data-based predictions and a 90%+ validation track record, The Huunu Predictor SuiteTM provides brands and agencies with assistance throughout the product innovation and marketing process from discovery to post-launch success predictions.

Curious but not convinced? Don’t take our word for it – Take the Huunu Prediction Challenge!

That’s right, challenge us with a business question and for less than the cost of a focus group, we’ll design a pilot study to answer your question and demonstrate the power of Huunu first hand.